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The Raving

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The Raving Once upon a midnight dreary, While I pondered weak and weary, Over quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore. Suddenly there came a rushing, as of someone slowly flushing water 'cross my chamber floor. Vainly then I sought to borrow plungers to relieve my sorrow. Alas, I slowed it down and nothing more. As the mess was slow subsiding, my thoughts were strong to go a-riding perhaps to find a package store. I jumped astride my motor scooter, a big black bird screamed "Roto-Rooter!" And away go troubles down the drain. Quoth the raven, ‘Evermore.’ © 1979 Roto-Rooter
“The Raving” is Roto-Rooter's longest running television commercial. First produced in 1979, The Raving was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's famous 1845 poem, The Raven. Every fall, Roto-Rooter brings back this classic for the Halloween season.